Sunday, April 3, 2011

10 random facts about me, just so you can all know me that little bit better :)

1. Obsessed with shoes
2. Love microwave popcorn
3. Wears glasses
4. Chili Peppers, System, Metallica, & Incubus are gods! Their music completes me
5. I am funny, and I am crazy, but am also loving and loyal
6. Would love to hug and feed an elephant. They are adorable
7. I dislike rude, nasty people. They ruin my day
8. Am secretly an Aquarium hobbyist and know my fish stuff
9. My star sign is Libra. - Balance, Harmony, love & beauty-
10.Regular naps make me a happy person

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  1. Lovely!
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    I have something for you!!!!
    xo DC